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Heron own over 20,000 square meters property; developed MFDC welding system, Capacitor discharge welding system, three-phase DC welding systemsingle phase AC welding system; offers a complete range of standard resistance welding equipments; and customerize automation resistance welding production system with fixture; pursue high welding technology researching and developing all the time.

Our productions apply to different field like: car body production line, automotive part production line, refrigerator compressor welding line, silver tip with copper welding system, hardware welding; appliance manufacturer line etc supplying the high tech. and energy saving welding equipment and intigrate the working station.

Our production lines include: press welders; manual and robotic welding guns, seam welders, bench welders; rocker arm welders ,flash butt welders, multi gun auto welder with wire feeder; customerize work station, clinch system with BTM Tog-L-Loc; automatic arc welding stations etc.